Twist the Tension Away

Supine Twist

Any well-rounded yoga practice will include it’s fair share of twists. Seated, standing, supine, balancing twists… there are a multitude of ways in which we can incorporate this vital element into our practice. But why is it so important?

As we twist the spine, we compress the organs of the torso, which pushes out blood filled with toxins. As we release the twist, new blood rushes the organs, filling them with new, oxygenated blood which promotes healing in the body. We also lengthen the soft tissue in the torso (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, or connective tissue). If we don’t lengthen these tissues a few times a week, we will inevitably lose full mobility of these tissues which will hinder range of motion, increase stiffness and compress the vertebrae leading to pain.

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Seane Corn Coming to Vancouver

Seane Corn in Pincha Mayurasana variation

Just thought I would let you all know about the Seane Corn workshop this weekend (March 18-20th) at Semperviva. If you’ve never had the chance to take a workshop with this amazing yogi, she will blow you away.

Not only is she a talented Vinyasa Flow teacher, but she’s also an incredibly articulate and inspiring activist who uses yoga as a tool for change. She is the founder of Off the Mat into the World, an organization devoted to facilitating personal empowerment through leadership trainings and initiating global service projects.

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Just Sit Still: Taming the Puppy Mind with Meditation

Me meditating at Kits Beach in Vancouver

For years, I had the hardest time wrapping my brain around meditation. It seemed like a daunting task that required a great deal of skill. I remember saying to myself, “I really want to learn how to meditate”. So I asked one of my favourite teachers at the time how to do it. He said simply, “Just sit still.”

I was not impressed. This was certainly not the answer I was looking for. As a trained dancer, I am a technician. I was hoping for some advice on technique, some concrete, tangible explanation to what felt elusive and overwhelming . The answer I got felt like a cop-out.

I knew that meditation had a multitude of benefits, including reduced anxiety, increased serotonin levels (boosting mood and relieving mild depression), enhanced immune function and increased self-esteem. I was convinced I needed to master it.

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