Hands Up! 5 Simple Hand Alignment Tips to Save Your Wrists

Activate your hands for pain-free wrists

Many dedicated yogis experience wrist pain at some point in the journey of their practice. Every day I see people on their mats trying to grimace through the pain and I want you all to know it is NOT necessary! Our yoga practice should make our bodies feel spacious, energetic and alive, not full of pain.

The majority of yoga injuries can unfortunately be attributed to poor alignment. When we use poor alignment in postures we practice frequently, we weaken and stress the joints. Conversely, when we use proper, active alignment in the same poses, all of a sudden the pain subsides and the joints and muscles begin to work in harmony.

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Martin Kirk this Weekend at Yogapod

Maritin Kirk Anusara and Theraputics Instructor

Martin Kirk is instructing a 3-day intensive theraputics workshop starting today, April 1st – April 3rd at Yogapod in North Vancouver. www.yogapod.com

Martin is a clear, accessible and authentic instructor who knows his stuff! We will be working on spinal and pelvic theraputics, ankles, wrists, shoulders and more. Come join me and learn to heal your body!