Leaving on a Jet Plane: Yoga for Jet Lag

I recently took a trip to the UK for my dear old Grandad’s 100th birthday. I always love my time in England, but I never look forward to the plane ride over. From Vancouver, it is 9 hours on the plane plus another hour in the car. At 5’9, my knees press against the seat in front of me, my broad shoulders poke into the isle where the flight attendants bash them with their carts if I’m not careful, and my feet swell up to (what feels like) twice their normal size, so needless to say, it was not a comfy flight.When I finally arrived at our destination I was desperate to re-calibrate.

Yoga is the perfect remedy for the sluggish and cramped up body that accompanies jet-lag. With a simple sequence of twists to relieve stiffness in the spine, lunges to counteract all that sitting and inversions to send circulate the blood, I felt like new again. And it allowed me a restful sleep to follow.

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