Transitioning into Fall with Yoga: A Recipe for Balance

Fall is officially upon us. The trees have turned brilliant burnt shades of orange, yellow and red, decorating the ground like confetti. The days are getting shorter, and the weather cooler. Bring on the sweaters, soup, red wine and hot baths!

Often the body takes a minute to catch up with what our environment has to offer us. A balanced yoga practice can help our bodies transition through the seasons with ease and grace. Incorporating the following key elements into our practice will help ease the transition along: heat, energize, detox and restore.

Heat. As our climate cools off, our joints often stiffen due to lack of circulation to the extremities. Pain receptors in our bodies are often more sensitive in cold weather.  Our job is to keep the body warm and circulation flowing from the inside out. Sun salutations A & B and standing postures such as Warrior 2 and Utkatasana are excellent examples of heating postures. Even a gentle yoga practice will most certainly help with circulation, so on those cold mornings when you just want to stay in bed, your joints will thank you if you don’t!

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