Learning to Surrender: Injury, Our Greatest Teacher

We all come to our mats for different reasons. Whether it is to calm the mind, open the shoulders, or invoke transformation, every reason is just as valid as the next.

I came to my mat for the first time 12 years ago as a form of cross-training for my career as a professional dancer. What yoga helped me realize is that my body (and mind) was extremely out of balance. Over stretched hamstrings  with little upper body strength and a weak core was the perfect equation for a low-back injury.

For years I had pain in my low back but chose to ignore the pain.  Our bodies have no voice. Its way of communicating with us is through sensation such as pain, numbness, tingling, etc. The pain started slowly and eventually hit me over the head until I was stopped in my tracks and hardly able to walk. I finally found myself in my doctor’s office listening to him tell me he was referring me to a back surgeon. What? Surgery?! What would this mean to my career, to my health? I was in tears.

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September Yoga Playlist

Bakasana (Crow Pose)

Here we go… My latest for you to move to:

Porcelain, Moby

Purple, U-Cef Mix

Intro, The xx

Makyen Ghrir Allah, Earthrise SoundSystem

May All Beings, Earthrise SoundSystem

Heart Skipped a Beat, The xx

Lifufanele, Zero 7

Three Of Us, Ben Harper

Green Arrow, Yo La Tengo

Limit to Your Love, Feist

Song For You, Alexi Murdoch

My Sweet Lord, Yin Yames

Guru Brahma, Shaman’s Dream Project