Heavenly Hip Workshop

Join me for a juicy hip opening workshop this Saturday, November 24th from 2-4pm at Semperviva Yoga’s Kit’s Beach location (West 4th and Yew) in Vancouver.

We will explore the musculature surrounding the hip joint, move through a warming hip-opening practice and discuss options for home practice.
See you on your mat!

Heavenly Hips with Jacci Collins


A hip opening workshop to increase overall balance and well-being

The hips are a complex joint comprised of many powerful muscles that either connect to or cross by the hip joint. (Iliopsoas, glutes, hamstrings and adductors, to name a few.) Along with muscles, there are ligaments and tendons, nerves, blood vessels and bursae to contend with. It is no wonder we crave release in this area.

The hips are also the house for a very powerful energy system, the second
chakra. They are the emotional center for many of us, acting as the junk drawer of the body. The second chakra, associated with one on one relationships, issues surrounding money, creativity, power and control, requires regular clearing in order to transform physically and mentally. Once we begin to clear the hips, healing can occur creating freedom in the pelvis and an increased sense of overall well being.

In this workshop we will discuss the anatomy of the hips as well as their energetic qualities. We will also explore the hips experientially with a warming hip opening practice that will leave you feeling open, aware and at ease. Take home with you a greater understanding of this joint and guidance towards a home practice for further exploration.