FREE Hip Opening Workshop @Semperviva, August 24

The first free workshop for back care went so well, we have decided to offer another free workshop this month for hips! Join me one week today, Saturday August 24 from 1:30-3:30pm at Semperviva Yoga (Kits Beach location) for a wonderful hip opening practice. ($25 for non-members) Hope to see you there!

Heavenly Hips: A Hip Opening Workshop with Jacci Collins

2013-02 Jacci Collins NL

The hips are a complex joint comprised of many powerful muscles that either connect to or cross by the hip joint. (Iliopsoas, glutes, hamstrings and adductors, to name a few.) Along with muscles, there are ligaments and tendons, nerves, blood vessels and bursae to contend with. It is no wonder we crave release in this area. The hips are also the house for a very powerful energy system, the second chakra. They are the emotional center for many of us, acting as the junk drawer of the body. By clearing the hip joint with our yoga practice we have the opportunity to transform physically and mentally allowing the natural healing powers of the body to activate, creating freedom in the pelvis and an increased sense of overall well being. In this workshop we will briefly discuss the anatomy of the hips as well as their energetic qualities. We will also explore the hips experientially with a hip opening practice that will leave you feeling open, aware and at ease.



Author: jaccicollinsyoga

Jacci Collins is a Vancouver-based certified yoga instructor. She has been teaching yoga to all ages and abilities since 2005. Also a professional dancer, she holds a BFA degree in dance from Simon Fraser University, and proudly brings over twenty-five years of movement experience to her yoga practice. Her dance career has taken her as far as Johannesburg, South Africa where she learned the true meaning of compassion and ubuntu, or “brotherly love”. Her yoga practice currently combines vinyasa flow, hatha, meditation and yin postures, with an emphasis on strength and stability. She is a firm believer in the body-mind connection and encourages her students to walk through life with presence and perseverance both on and off the mat.

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