Back to Life: Yoga for Low Back Care (Part 1, The Psoas Connection)

The following 3 posts are re-posts of a lower back care series I originally published in 2011. These re-posts are for reference for the 50 yogis who attended my low back care workshop today at Semperviva yoga, and also for anyone out there in the blogosphere who is experiencing lower back pain. Much health and healing to you all! Namaste. J

Most of us, at some point, will experience some form of lower back pain. Whether it is from sitting on a plane for too long, from gardening or from something more serious, like a disc injury, it is one of the most common complaints I hear from my students.

For years, I have had my own struggles with low back pain. Over a year ago, I was told that I would need back surgery, a diagnosis I took very seriously. As a dancer and yoga instructor, I rely on my body every single day. But who doesn’t? What injuries often teach us is that we take our bodies for granted and it’s time to change our ways.

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